As a medium-sized company in the automobile sector with a long standing tradition, we are committed to stability and RESPONSIBILITIY for our customers and employees. By using highly trained experts and the most modern facilities we guarantee the professionalism that our customers demand from us. Our infrastructure is constantly being adjusted to new requirements. Training promotes the COMPETENCY and motivation of our employees. Our firm offers a comprehensive range of services, covering a large part of the Swiss market with its local presence. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest objective.


Karl Rüedi

Member of the board of directors

Salman Suna

Administration manager

Sales + consulting

Fabrice Gottenkieny

Sales + consulting

Simon Kaiser

Sales + consulting

Erich Bühler

Sales + consulting


Viviana Molle

Telephone / reception

Nicole Silvestrini

Telephone / reception

Nathalie Lorenz


Garage team

Adolfo Penas

Garage manager

Oleg Chanenkov

Spare parts depot

Ali Ün

Spare parts depot manager