Our tyre store

If you have fitted your summer or winter tyres onto your vehicle, you can properly and conveniently store your second set of tyres with us until your next change. You save yourself the labour of transporting them and have no space problems.

All prices include VAT.

Storage per wheel/season
CHF 16.50
Cleaning per wheel
CHF 4.50
Wheel changes per wheel, incl. balancing
CHF 23.00

Do you need new tyres or wheels?

We will happily make you an individual offer for new summer and winter tyres as well as complete wheels.

All prices include VAT.

Fitting per tyre
CHF 13.30
Balancing per wheel steel and alloy rims
CHF 14.80
Wheel changes per wheel, incl. balancing
CHF 23.00


New tyres and complete wheels from the Volvo programme are insured against all tyre damage for 24 months. The Volvo tyre guarantee is free of charge.

Did you know?

Tyre pressure influences the operating efficiency and life-expectancy of a tyre. Non-optimal tyre pressure means up to 4% higher fuel consumption and a 45% lower life expectancy. Naturally, we optimise tyre pressure with every change.